5 Major Drawbacks of Smart Rings You Should Know

Disadvantages Of Smart Rings

Smart rings are fast becoming a staple of wearable devices, gaining popularity at a fantastic rate. They have many advantages, mainly because of their long battery life and incredible health monitoring capabilities. But anyone considering replacing their smartwatch with a smart ring might be disappointed because smart rings have a few disadvantages, too. The Disadvantages … Read more

Do Smart Rings Get Notifications?

Do Smart Rings Get Notifications?

Despite being a relatively young technology, smart ring manufacturers seem to aspire to make them do everything your smartwatch can do. Many smart rings already have world-class tracking capabilities, but what about other smart features? For example, do smart rings receive notifications? Smart Rings and Notifications Many smart rings can receive notifications from your phone, … Read more

Do Smart Rings Need Charging?

Do Smart Rings Need Charging?

Our modern world of connected electronic devices is characterized by the need to charge those devices, usually every day. But smart rings are different. The thought of having to charge a ring is strange, but since it’s electronic, it’s logical that it must have some kind of battery. So, is your smart ring’s battery replaceable, … Read more

Smart Rings in the Sink: Damage Risks Revealed

Can You Wash Your Hands With A Smart Ring?

Smart rings are often considered water resistant by default, as they should be. After all, we shouldn’t have to think about taking them off when we do everyday tasks like washing hands or doing the dishes. But is it safe to assume that you can always wash your hands without taking off your smart ring … Read more

Can You Shower With Oura Ring?

Can You Shower With Oura Ring?

People wouldn’t think twice before showering with a regular ring, but it’s pretty different with a smart ring. When you add electronics to the equation, people get nervous about exposing their rings to too much water. So, is it safe to shower with your Oura Ring? Can it safely withstand that much water? Showering With … Read more

Perfect Finger for Oura Ring: 5 Key Factors

A hand wearing an Oura ring on the index finger

Are you contemplating purchasing an Oura Ring? Selecting the right finger to wear this innovative smart ring is more than just about comfort; it’s about accuracy and efficiency. In this article, we look at the important things you should think about, supported by scientific research, to assist you in making a well-informed decision. Accuracy of … Read more

From NFC to Biometrics The Tech Inside Smart Rings

Close-up view of a smart ring displaying its internal technology

By now, we should be able to tell beyond doubt that wearable technology isn’t just another passing fad. Though they’re still far from the gadgets seen in 1980s science fiction, smartwatches are commonplace in most countries, and smart rings are quickly gaining momentum due to their convenience and small form factors. But the small package … Read more

Are Oura Rings Real Gold?

Oura ring compared with gold bars questioning the authenticity of the material

Smart rings are growing in popularity, partly because of the variety of functions they offer, which compete with smartwatches on many levels, and they can measure various physical and fitness statistics more accurately than smartwatches. But another reason for the popularity of smart rings is that they can be very stylish. People wear rings for … Read more