Do Smart Rings Get Notifications?

Despite being a relatively young technology, smart ring manufacturers seem to aspire to make them do everything your smartwatch can do. Many smart rings already have world-class tracking capabilities, but what about other smart features? For example, do smart rings receive notifications?

Do Smart Rings Get Notifications?

Smart Rings and Notifications

Many smart rings can receive notifications from your phone, but it’s not always guaranteed. In fact, some of the leading smart rings don’t deliver notifications at all. Oura Rings, for example, have no notification capabilities. The opposite happens – the ring sends its own notifications to your smartphone rather than indicating when you have phone notifications.

However, with the plethora of smart rings available on the market, there are some that can get notifications, but there are limitations.

Limitations of Smart Ring Notifications

Smart rings are small, highly compact devices, which means that even those capable of getting notifications must be creative in delivering them.

Some smart rings have screens that can display notifications very simply. Since the screens must be tiny to fit on the ring, they can’t show as much information as a smartwatch. However, they can display basic information, like which app is trying to get your attention.

Other smart rings use a combination of LEDs to deliver notifications. They display different combinations of colors or flash sequences to indicate the type of notification you have. For example, Blinq rings contain one large LED that turns different colors based on the app that sends the notifications. You can often customize the color and app combinations.

Other smart rings, especially older models, primarily use vibrations. Like some smartphones, different vibrations indicate different apps. This way, you don’t even have to look at your smart ring to know what kind of notification you’re getting.

Vibrations can be a bit of a pain, though. For example, the old Ringly smart ring used vibrations and LEDs to indicate incoming notifications. Still, you had to memorize sets of vibrations and LED flashes to know what each notification meant. It’s great but a long way from ideal.

Getting a Notification-Capable Smart Ring

In the case of notifications, going for the well-known option isn’t necessarily always better. Oura Rings are arguably the most popular smart rings on the market today, but anyone who buys one hoping to get notifications will be sorely disappointed.

In other words, if you want a smart ring that can get notifications, you must be willing to do the research instead of simply going for the model you’ve heard about the most.

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