Do Smart Rings Need Charging?

Our modern world of connected electronic devices is characterized by the need to charge those devices, usually every day. But smart rings are different. The thought of having to charge a ring is strange, but since it’s electronic, it’s logical that it must have some kind of battery. So, is your smart ring’s battery replaceable, or does it need charging?

Do Smart Rings Need Charging?

Should You Charge Your Smart Ring?

We have to charge smart rings from time to time. They are complex electronic devices that need power to perform their functions, so they contain tiny batteries. Because smart rings are usually tightly sealed, the batteries aren’t replaceable. Instead, they must be charged.

How Often Should You Charge Your Smart Ring?

We’re used to devices like smartwatches and smartphones that usually require daily charging. But smart rings are different. While we put down our smartphones at night and often don’t sleep with our smartwatches, a smart ring’s true power lies in the fact that you can easily sleep with it so that it can monitor your health throughout the night.

This means a smart ring should be able to go for extended periods without charging, which is the case. Even though their batteries are small, the components inside a smart ring are designed to draw as little power as possible to make the batteries last.

Though it varies between manufacturers and based on your use, most smart rings only need to be charged about once every four to seven days.

How To Charge A Smart Ring

Smart rings all come with some kind of charger. Most use wireless charging, though a few have built-in USB ports to plug a charger into. Again, this varies between manufacturers and models.

Many smart ring chargers come in the form of a base station or dock into which you can plug your ring. They often have convenient mounting points that hold the ring in place in an aesthetically pleasing, upright position.

It usually takes between 20 and 80 minutes to charge your smart ring fully, but that depends on how low the battery is, the battery and charging technology used, and the overall health of your ring’s battery. Like other electronic devices, your smart ring’s battery will deteriorate over time, leading to shorter battery life and less efficient charging.

Still, 20 to 80 minutes of charging time for a device that will last a few days between charges is pretty good, so you can get back to having it monitor your health and fitness with only a brief break once or twice per week.

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