Can You Shower With Oura Ring?

People wouldn’t think twice before showering with a regular ring, but it’s pretty different with a smart ring. When you add electronics to the equation, people get nervous about exposing their rings to too much water. So, is it safe to shower with your Oura Ring? Can it safely withstand that much water?

Can You Shower With Oura Ring?

Showering With Your Oura Ring: What You Need To Know

The obvious question is if Oura rings are water resistant. However, that’s not the only thing we should consider before jumping in the shower with it. Let’s look at the essential points to keep in mind.

Oura Rings’ Water Resistance

The Oura Ring has a water resistance rating of 10ATM. This is on par with an IPX7 rating, which means it’s safe to use in water up to a maximum depth of 100 meters (approximately 330 feet). When you go deeper than that, the water pressure increases too much, and your ring could take some damage.

The other rule is that you shouldn’t keep the ring submerged in water for longer than 12 hours, which is unlikely to happen while taking a shower.

In other words, you can wear the ring in the shower, while it’s raining, when you’re washing your hands, and even when going for a swim or doing some recreational diving or snorkeling. Its water resistance rating means it should be safe throughout.

Beware of Abrasive Chemicals

Water isn’t the only threat to your Oura Ring. Soaps and other chemicals could also be a problem.

Many soaps contain abrasive chemicals. It’s a necessary evil since it helps to remove stubborn stains and dirt like oily compounds. The fact that your Oura Ring is water resistant doesn’t necessarily mean it can resist those chemicals, too.

Furthermore, some soaps (like facial scrubs) include exfoliating particles intended to scratch your skin to clear your pores. Those particles might scratch the surface of your Oura Ring and damage that beautiful, polished finish.

In fairness, most soaps that are intended for human use will be safe to use with your Oura Ring. Reddit user “ThisIsSoIrrelevant” claims to have worn their Oura Ring for years, throughout the pandemic, and often washed their hands, used hand sanitizer, and even spent time in Jacuzzis with no damage to their ring whatsoever.

Because shower soaps are intended to be gentle on the user’s skin, they are generally safe to use with your Oura Ring. However, it’s always best to confirm rather than assume it’s safe.

Shower Accessories

The accessories we use while showering, like washcloths, scrubbers, and brushes, could also damage the finish on the Oura Ring.

Oura Rings are made of titanium but coated with other metals such as gold and silver. These coatings are firm and don’t come off quickly but can be scratched.

Shower accessories are somewhat abrasive by nature because they have to remove dirt and oil from our skin and exfoliate our pores. As with facial scrubs, they can scratch and damage the finish on an Oura Ring if we’re not careful. This is probably the most likely cause of damage to your Oura Ring in the shower.

So, if you want to wear your Oura Ring in the shower, be careful with the accessories you use while wearing it.

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