Are All Apple Watch Chargers Identical?

One of the most frustrating aspects of getting a new device, like an upgraded Apple Watch, and then having to buy a new charger to go with it. This has become a significant problem since Apple decided not to ship chargers with some of its devices, like the iPhone. It would be much easier just … Read more

Screen Protectors for Apple Watch Ultra: Essential or Optional?

Does Apple Watch Ultra need a screen protector

The Apple Watch Ultra is an incredibly rugged device. It’s made for extreme sports and active people like hikers, climbers, and divers, and Apple used every trick in the book to make it the perfect sports watch for these athletes, improving it even more with the Ultra 2. But will it withstand everything you throw … Read more

Is Apple Watch Ultra Capable of Replacing Your iPhone? An In-Depth Analysis

Can Apple Watch Ultra Replace Iphone?

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Can Apple Watch Ultra Play Music Without Headphones? Explained!

One of the greatest features introduced in the Apple Watch series was the ability to listen to music without having your iPhone with you. This is great when you’re out running or at the gym. Because the Apple Watch Ultra has a larger speaker with a 40% volume improvement over the Series 8, people have … Read more

Can You Wash Apple Watch Ultra Bands? Tips and Best Practices

Are Apple Watch Ultra Bands Washable?

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Apple Watch Ultra: Is It Right for You?

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Do Shokz and Apple Work Together? The Ultimate Compatibility Breakdown

Does Shokz Work With Apple?

As incredible as Apple’s earphone technology is, Shokz is the undisputed leader in the bone-conduction headphone market. There are simply some things that Shokz brings to the table that Apple cannot yet deliver, which begs the question, does Shokz work with Apple devices? Shokz works perfectly with Apple devices like the iPhone, Apple Watch, and … Read more

Does Your Apple Watch Still Function When It’s Off Your Wrist? Here’s What You Need to Know

Does Apple Watch Work When Not On Wrist?

To a great extent, the Apple Watch has become the de facto standard for tech to wear on your wrist. It has incredible capabilities, and each generation improves in leaps and bounds, so much that many of us can’t imagine life without it. But with so many features designed to work while you’re wearing it, … Read more

Dive In: Is Your Apple Watch Ready for the Ocean?

Can Apple Watch Go In Ocean?

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Cut the Cord: Can You Use AirPods with Your Apple Watch Without a Phone?

Can You Use Your AirPods With An Apple Watch Without A Phone?

One of Apple’s most impressive feats is how the different devices, including the Apple Watch and AirPods, integrate. You can sync almost any two Apple devices seamlessly to share nearly anything. But much of the Apple Watch’s functionality relies on the iPhone. So is it possible to use AirPods with an Apple Watch if you … Read more