Spotify vs. Apple Music

Spotify vs Apple Music

Key Takeaways Music Selection When we want to listen to music, we don’t want to struggle to find the song or album we’re looking for, so the music selection offered by a streaming platform is a crucial consideration. Spotify and Apple Music both claim to offer “over 100 million” songs. This has increased considerably over … Read more

RingConn Vs. Oura

Key Takeaways RingConn Vs. Oura: Specs and Features Since Oura and RingConn are fierce competitors in the marketplace, they are pretty similar in many ways, so much so that I would almost say many users won’t notice too much of a difference during day-to-day use. However, each ring has a few features that stand out … Read more

18 Iconic Headphones of the 2000s: A Nostalgic Journey Through Sound and Time

The early 2000s were an incredible time for audiophiles. Headphone technologies and how we listen to music underwent countless significant changes that still influence our listening experiences today. In fact, most of today’s “new” technologies would never have existed were it not for the massive steps the industry went through between 2000 and 2010. I … Read more

Apple and Shokz: How to Fix Common Connection Problems

Apple and Shokz: How to fix common connection problems

Shokz and Apple are both premium device manufacturers, so buying either one comes with the assumption that everything will work. Shokz also designed its devices and apps to work seamlessly with Apple. But nothing on Earth is perfect, and problems occasionally sneak in. So, what can you do when your Shokz headphones don’t connect to … Read more

Shokz OpenRun vs. Apple AirPods (3rd Gen) Reviewed

Shokz OpenRun Vs. Apple AirPods

Shokz and Apple are two of the biggest names in commercial earphones. Even though their target markets differ somewhat, both are popular among people with various backgrounds and interests. So, which one will suit you best? Will you be better off with the Shokz OpenRun, or should you opt for Apple’s AirPods? I’ve been using … Read more

Shokz OpenRun Pro vs. Mojawa Run Plus: A Battle of Bone-Conducted Beats

Shokz has been the reigning name in bone conduction headphones for many years. That’s well-deserved since Shokz pioneered commercial bone conduction technology with many high-quality products. However, many competitors have emerged to give Shokz a run for its money, and the Mojawa Run Plus is a worthy competitor. So, which is the better option? Is … Read more

Common Oladance Issues and How to Fix Them

Oladance is rapidly growing in popularity and gaining a reputation as an excellent, high-quality alternative to other premium earphone brands. They provide very good audio quality considering their open-ear form factor and excellent battery life. But even the best devices occasionally have their hiccups, from Bluetooth connectivity issues to charging problems and even earbuds not … Read more

Oladance OWS Sports Review: Bone Conduction Killer?

The technologies behind sports headphones have improved drastically over the last few years. Bone conduction has been the reigning champion for many years, but open-ear air conduction earphones are rapidly dethroning it. Oladance recently released the new OWS Sports, but did it create a new standard for the competition to beat? I tested this newcomer … Read more