Oladance OWS Pro Vs. Shokz OpenFit – Battle of The Best Open-Ear Audio Experience

Comparison between Oladance OWS Pro and Shokz OpenFit earbuds

Shokz has dominated the growing open-ear earphone market for many years, but it is now seeing some steep competition from Oladance. The relative newcomer’s open-ear OWS Pro is gaining popularity and proving to be an excellent alternative to Shokz’s OpenFit. But which is better and more deserving of your hard-earned cash? Verdict: The Oladance OWS … Read more

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Shokz OpenRun vs OpenRun Pro: Is the Flagship Truly Worth It?

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Open-ear earbuds are gaining popularity at quite a rapid pace, and two popular options are the Shokz OpenFit and Oladance OWS2. A significant reason for their popularity is that they are comfortable for all-day wear but without the discomfort of plugging your ears like regular earbuds. But which of these two options is better for … Read more

Quick Fix: Shokz Not Connecting to iPhone

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OpenFit Vs. OpenRun Pro: The Sports Audio Debate Settled

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