Vertigo and Bone Conduction Headphones: Is There a Connection?

As a relatively new technology, especially to the commercial market, it’s understandable that many people would have concerns about bone conduction headphones. Since our balance and orientation are so closely linked to our inner ears, which is what bone conduction headphones make contact with, people often ask me if bone conduction headphones can cause vertigo. … Read more

Understanding the Risks: Can Bone Conduction Headphones Harm Your Hearing?

We’ve all seen the warnings that listening to music at high volume damages our hearing, especially when using headphones. Most of us have also heard that bone conduction does not carry the same risks and that you can listen to music as loudly as you want with them. But is this statement true, or can … Read more

Fast Guide to Understanding Adaptive Transparency Vs Transparency Mode

One of the greatest perks of having high-quality headphones or earphones is active noise canceling, but it’s only worthwhile if you have some form of transparency mode. With the launch of the 2nd Generation AirPods Pro, Apple improved the feature considerably with adaptive transparency. But what’s the difference between adaptive transparency and normal transparency mode? … Read more

From AfterShokz To Shokz: A Journey Through The Evolution And Behind The Scenes Of The Headphone Company

From AfterShokz To Shokz

Shokz is arguably the most well-known and respected manufacturer of bone conduction headphones. The technology dates back to the late middle ages and early renaissance, but Shokz is mainly responsible for bringing it to the mainstream by catering to athletes and specialty users. Let’s look at the background of Shokz and AfterShokz and see how … Read more

Breaking Down the Basics: How Do Bone Conduction Headphones Work?

Despite bone conduction headphones only becoming mainstream in the last decade, the technology behind them is ancient, with some experts claiming its use as far back as 500 BC. The great composer Ludwig Von Beethoven used a form of bone conduction to “hear” his compositions. But what is this incredible technology? How do bone conduction … Read more

Bone Conduction Headphones: A Healthier Choice for Your Ears?

Bone conduction headphones are gaining traction at a tremendous rate as a generally safer option that’s also better for your ears. People believe they’re safer at high volumes because the sound doesn’t pass through your ear canal and eardrums. But is that true, or is it simply a false belief? Are bone conduction headphones really … Read more

Safe Listening: Evaluating the Safety of Bone Conduction Headphones

Bone conduction headphones are a popular emerging trend, especially among athletes. They offer numerous advantages, like retaining environmental awareness and being better for the health of your ears than regular earphones. But as with all relatively new technologies, we must ask ourselves: are bone conduction headphones safe? Bone conduction headphones are generally safe to use. … Read more

Exploring the Possibilities: Bone Conduction Headphones with Ear Plugs

Earplugs are a necessity for many people, but music can be just as essential for most of us. Swimmers, for example, often wear earplugs to avoid getting water in their ear canals. Bone conduction headphones are usually waterproof, making them ideal for swimmers. So, can you use bone conduction headphones with earplugs? Bone conduction headphones … Read more

Charging AirPods: Is an 18W Charger a Viable Option?

Can You Use An 18W Charger On AirPods?

Apple’s AirPods have decent battery life, especially the Pro and Max models. But that does not mean we never run out of battery power at inconvenient times. Going for a run with your AirPods in, not realizing that they didn’t charge overnight for some reason, has led many to question if there’s a way to … Read more

Do Shokz and Apple Work Together? The Ultimate Compatibility Breakdown

Does Shokz Work With Apple?

As incredible as Apple’s earphone technology is, Shokz is the undisputed leader in the bone-conduction headphone market. There are simply some things that Shokz brings to the table that Apple cannot yet deliver, which begs the question, does Shokz work with Apple devices? Shokz works perfectly with Apple devices like the iPhone, Apple Watch, and … Read more