Can You Use a Smart Ring to Control a Phone?

Smart rings have evolved considerably over just a few years. Though they’re designed primarily with fitness and health in mind, they have grown to perform many of the same functions that smartwatches and other wearable technologies have.

The small size of a smart ring will make many believe they aren’t quite as capable as they are. They can do many things, but they can’t replace a smartwatch, can they? For example, people often ask me if it’s possible for a smart ring to control a phone, and the answer isn’t as simple as you might think. Let’s dive into that.

Smart ring near a smartphone illustrating remote control capability

Key Takeaways

  • Most smart rings can control smartphones, at least to some extent.
  • Some smart rings have more phone control capabilities than others.
  • Your smart ring can’t navigate and control everything on a smartphone, but manufacturers regularly add even more functionality.

Controlling a Phone with a Smart Ring

Ever since smart rings started to support Bluetooth, they’ve been able to connect with smartphones. Most of the time, the functionality is used to sync your health and fitness data and receive notifications from the phone. But modern smart rings have some additional functionalities that can somewhat control your phone.

Different smart ring models have different functionalities, so if you’re looking for a specific function, it’s best to research the models you’re considering to be sure you get what you’re looking for.

Gesture Controls

Smart rings have motion sensors that can detect gestures. Many models allow you to program certain gestures to perform specific actions on smartphones. For example, swiping, tapping, or drawing particular patterns in the air can be configured to answer calls, dismiss notifications, or control media playback.

Call Control

Smart rings can answer or reject incoming calls directly from their smart rings. Some models can also adjust call volume or mute calls.

Music Playback Control

Some smart rings can control music playback volume and perform functions like skip and pause.

Camera Control

Most smart rings allow you to control the shutter of your smartphone’s camera remotely, which is excellent for taking photos of yourself without using a timer. More advanced rings can even record video using the smartphone’s camera.


One limitation of smartphone navigation apps is that they require users to interact with the smartphone’s screen, which could cause distractions while driving. Bluetooth car devices mitigate that risk somewhat, but not all cars are equipped with them.

Smart rings are a partial alternative since we can use them to control a few navigation aspects, such as starting, stopping, and zooming maps.


Users can configure certain smart rings to automatically unlock their smartphones, which is a convenient way to bypass facial recognition or fingerprint authentication methods.

Fitness Tracking

Like most smartwatches, smart rings allow you to control your exercise and fitness apps. For example, you can use smart rings to start your tracking app when you begin your exercise routine and again to indicate that you’ve stopped. This is much easier than taking out your phone to start and stop tracking your exercises.


Even though a smart ring’s size is a limiting factor, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. These devices can make excellent use of gestures through motion sensors, which you can then use to control various functions on your phone.

But unlike smartwatches, smart rings aren’t really standardized yet, so different manufacturers emphasize different technologies. It’s not wise to assume any smart ring can perform all the functions you would like it to. Instead, do the necessary research to ensure you get the phone control capabilities you’re paying for.

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