Are Oura Rings Waterproof?

In a world where smart rings are gradually becoming more and more popular, one brand stands out from the rest: Oura. As one of the pioneers of smart ring technology and current market leaders, Oura rings have earned the right to be as popular as they are.

Since smart rings are designed to focus on health and fitness, it’s logical that many people will want to wear them when they’re working out. This also means not taking them off when they go swimming or taking a shower. This wouldn’t be a problem with a regular ring, but what about the electronics in smart rings? Are Oura rings waterproof?

Oura ring enduring a water stream

Key Takeaways

  • Oura rings are not waterproof.
  • They have a decent water resistance rating.
  • Wearing Oura rings in a swimming pool or the shower is generally safe.
  • You should not go scuba diving with your Oura ring.

Are Oura Rings Waterproof?

To truly understand if Oura rings are waterproof, we must understand what being waterproof means.

For something to be waterproof, it must not just keep splashes of water from entering the device but also have the ability to resist extreme water pressure. The challenge is that water pressure increases exponentially as you go deeper underwater, and anything that has to go deep underwater must be reinforced according to the pressure it will face.

This means there can always be areas where water pressure is too high for anything to withstand, at least with current technology. For example, the submarine with the deepest rating currently is the Russian Typhoon class, which can reach depths of up to 4,000 feet (1,220 meters). By comparison, the Mariana Trench is 36,200 feet deep (11,034 meters).

In other words, we can reason that nothing on Earth is currently 100% waterproof, including the Oura ring.

Is the Oura Ring Water Resistant?

Water resistance is a different matter. A device’s water resistance rating indicates its ability to keep water out during everyday activities without accounting for extreme depths.

The Oura ring is water resistant. It has a water resistance of 10ATM, which means it can resist water at depths of approximately 330 feet (100 meters) for up to 12 hours. By extension, the Oura ring can withstand pressures of up to 10 Bar.

What’s Safe to Do with the Oura Ring?

Considering its water resistance rating, there are a few things that you can safely do with the Oura ring. These include:

  • Swimming. You can safely go swimming while wearing your Oura ring since swimming pools don’t usually go deeper than around 8 to 12 feet.
  • Showering. It’s perfectly safe to wear your Oura ring in the shower, though there are some essential things to keep in mind. More on that in a moment.
  • Snorkeling and recreational diving. As long as you don’t go deeper than 330 feet, it’s perfectly safe to go snorkeling or do some light recreational diving with your Oura ring.
  • Running, even in the rain. The Oura ring effectively blocks water splashes from rain and sweat, so you shouldn’t have any problems living your active lifestyle while wearing the Oura ring.
  • Going to the sauna. Oura rings are fine in saunas, hot tubs, cryotherapy tanks, and ice baths. The main precaution is not to wear it anywhere with a temperature below 32oF or above 95oF since those temperatures could damage the Oura ring’s battery.

Because smart rings are designed to stay on your finger throughout all your daily activities and only require charging once every few days, the Oura ring is highly water resistant.

What’s Not Safe to Do with the Oura Ring?

Generally speaking, anything that doesn’t involve extreme depths or keeping your Oura ring underwater for more than 12 hours should be perfectly fine. In other words, avoid the following:

  • Scuba diving. Any form of diving that takes you to depths over 330 feet should be avoided since the water pressure could be too much for your Oura ring.
  • Anything that submerses your Oura ring for more than 12 hours. These cases are rare, but if you know you could be in the water for 12 hours or more, it’s best to take off your Oura ring.

A Few Precautions

When I say it’s safe to wear your Oura ring in a swimming pool or the shower, I’m referring purely to water and water pressure. However, you should also consider a few other factors, such as:

  • Abrasive chemicals. The Oura ring is sealed to keep water and other liquids out, but some liquids may contain abrasive chemicals that could damage those seals and cause water to go into the ring. This includes various kinds of soap or shampoos you might use in the shower. The damage won’t always be evident immediately, but it could shorten the life of your Oura ring.
  • Scratches from equipment. While you’re showering, for example, you could inadvertently scratch your Oura ring with a rough shower sponge or an exfoliating shower scrubber. Oura rings are made of scratch-resistant titanium but are coated with gold, silver, or another coating, which could easily be scratched or damaged.
  • Damage from general activity. For example, when swimming laps, we usually grip the side of the swimming pool to help us quickly switch directions. I’ve personally smashed my hand against the side of the swimming pool while doing this. Imagine the potential damage a hit like that could do to your Oura ring. Even a light brush against the side could cause scratches.
  • Trapping moisture. When you use the Oura ring in water, some of the moisture (and chemicals) could get trapped between your finger and the ring. It’s always a good idea to take the ring off and dry it (and your hands) properly before putting it back on.

So, when you plan to wear your Oura ring in the shower or swimming pool or even while doing the dishes, it’s important to remember that water resistance isn’t the only consideration. You should always handle your Oura ring with care. The safest approach is, if you’re in doubt, it’s best to take it off.


The Oura ring isn’t waterproof, but that’s pretty standard for smart rings (or any smart devices, for that matter). Nothing can ever guarantee 100% waterproof operation at any depth since the pressure will cause problems at some point.

However, it’s safe to submerge your Oura ring to depths of up to 330 feet, as long as you don’t submerge it for more than 12 hours. So, unless you plan to go scuba diving, you don’t have to overthink wearing your Oura ring in water. It will be perfectly safe in most cases if you keep some essential health and safety factors in mind.