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Close-up of various Oura ring models with different price tags

Why Some Oura Rings More Expensive? 3 Reasons Explained!

Oura rings have quickly become some of the most well-known and popular smart rings on the market, and that honor is well deserved. After all, it was listed as one of Time Magazine’s top 100 inventions of 2020. But many people are shocked …
Close-up view of a smart ring displaying its internal technology

From NFC to Biometrics The Tech Inside Smart Rings

By now, we should be able to tell beyond doubt that wearable technology isn’t just another passing fad. Though they’re still far from the gadgets seen in 1980s science fiction, smartwatches are commonplace in most countries, and smart rings are quickly gaining momentum …
Philips A7607 and Shokz OpenRun bone conduction headphones side by side

Philips A7607 Vs. Shokz OpenRun: When Similarities Diverge

Bone conduction headphones continue to redefine the standards in earpieces for athletes. Shokz’s expertise in bone conduction headphone technology is well-established, making its products a benchmark in the industry. Philips, a renowned name in audio technology, steps up to this challenge with its …


if AirPods can function in a case different from their own

Can AirPods Work in a Different Case?(Tested & Verified)

It might not happen often, but many of us have found ourselves in a situation where we wondered if our …

Static Noise in AirPods? Here’s the Fix Guide

Apple AirPods are fantastic pieces of tech that have had a permanent impact on the headphone market. They also aren’t …

Diving Deep: How Waterproof Are AirPods?

Many of us grew up when you would be laughed at for wondering if any technological device was waterproof. Water …
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Can Apple Watch Go In Ocean?

Dive In: Is Your Apple Watch Ready for the Ocean?

Did you accidentally go swimming in the ocean with your Apple watch? Would you like to participate in an open-water …
Can You Use Your AirPods With An Apple Watch Without A Phone?

Cut the Cord: Can You Use AirPods with Your Apple Watch Without a Phone?

One of Apple’s most impressive feats is how the different devices, including the Apple Watch and AirPods, integrate. You can …